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      About us

         Fujian shikerui Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2003. Since the establishment of the company, Shi Kerui has been committed to the R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service of medical devices, intelligent ward, medical man-machine intelligence and elderly care intelligent products and supporting products. So far, SKR group has four wholly-owned subsidiaries with nearly 300 employees, with an existing office and production area of 16000 m2 and a science and Technology Park under construction of 30000 m2.

         The company has formed a full range of hundreds of categories of products covering the overall medical caster Market, and has become a leading medical caster enterprise in China. In 2014, the company developed carts, brackets, doctor's RV and nursing cart supporting medical equipment, and has become a leading brand of medical carts. With many years of medical sales experience and channel resources, the company has developed ultrasonic surgery system, cold light source camera integrated machine, mirror auxiliary arm support and ultrasonic irrigation and suction system applied in the field of minimally invasive surgery to realize import substitution. With the advent of the aging era, the intelligent electric walking chair and scooter developed by the company have entered the trial production stage.

         Shi Kerui has cooperated with 50 + world-famous enterprises, served 10000 + hospitals, provided 2000 + manufacturers with high-quality products, and has 160 + independent R & D patents. Technology and innovation are the eternal direction of Shi Kerui. We will continue to actively explore and focus on improving mobile quality, medical quality and life health quality, all based on creating customer value.

      1. 1 listed company
      2. 50+ Sophisticated R & D team
      3. 200+ Intellectual property rights
      4. 10000+ Medical institution users
      5. 2000+ Equipment production enterprise cooperation

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